“That One Thing” Podcast Launches

Welcome to That One Thing! Listen to our quick intro episode to get a feel for what we're all about and what to expect in Season One.

That One Thing is a podcast for small business owners, small business leaders and budding entrepreneurs who face new challenges and opportunities daily. Each episode of That One Thing will leave you with a thought or approach to internalize or implement right away that will have a positive impact on your day, your life, or your business.

In That One Thing Season One, we chat with some of our favorite small business owners and dive into their stories—how they achieved success, what they learned along the way, and what’s next. Our guests come from different backgrounds, outlooks, and work styles, and have each done remarkable things in their own way. Listen in to get inspired and learn that one thing that made the difference in their business building journeys.

Podcast Production Team

  • Host: Gordon Fowler
  • Producer: Liz Divelbiss
  • Editors: Angela Criser, Kin Wong
  • Music created by: Harry Walls
  • Special sponsor guests: 3fold talent


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