Episode 6: Adam Attia of Fitness Rangers – The Business Owner’s Guide to Fitness

Adam Attia of Fitness Rangers

Personal health and wellness often slide when people start their own businesses. Between competing demands and long work hours, it’s easy to let wellness be the thing that gives.

In this episode, Gordon talks with Adam Attia, owner of East Sacramento-based Fitness Rangers, who is not only a small business owner and family man, but who makes a great effort to maintain his own fitness while coaching his busy clients to do the same. In addition to tips and motivation for business owners looking to prioritize their own health, Adam shares his business-building story and how he keeps Fitness Rangers competitive in the saturated fitness industry.

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Thank Your to Our Guests

Thank you to Adam Attia for spending his morning with us and inspiring us to start getting fit. You can read a little more about Adam here and visit the Fitness Rangers website to learn more about their classes, schedule and pricing.

Podcast Production Team

  • Host: Gordon Fowler
  • Producer: Liz Divelbiss
  • Editor: Kin Wong
  • Music created by: Harry Walls
  • Special sponsor guest: Taylor Toledo


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