Episode 8: Kim Hiltachk – A Winning Solopreneur Strategy

Kim Hiltachk, owner of Hiltachk Marketing Group

In this episode of That One Thing, Gordon talks all things solopreneurship with Kim Hiltachk, owner of Hiltachk Marketing Group.

Having just entered its 10th year in business, Kim’s firm has experienced great success with a flexible business model that includes creating custom teams for each client through a network of freelance talent that Kim has assembled over the years. Kim shares her tips on staying structured, productive and successful and creating work/life rhythm as a small business owner.

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Thank Your to Our Guest

Thank you to Kim Hiltachk for spending time to share her business strategy and insight with us. Visit Hiltachk Marketing Group online to learn more about Kim and about the firm’s work and services.

Podcast Production Team

  • Host: Gordon Fowler
  • Producer: Liz Divelbiss
  • Editor: Kin Wong
  • Music created by: Harry Walls
  • Special sponsor guest: Landon Lee


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