Your team is your most important audience.

When it comes to delivering on your brand promise, it’s about communicating from the inside out. 3fold’s consulting team specializes in aligning leadership, staff, and stakeholders under your company’s vision and values, boosting growth and impact

Communicate from the Inside Out.

Everything we do is focused on helping you achieve your most audacious goals. We believe this starts with your people.

After all, how they talk about your business and their work shapes how your clients perceive your products and services.
What We Do
Does your leadership communications inspire your teams and motivate them to meet your goals?

From creating foundational messaging about your organization, its purpose, and its values to communicating essential information relating to changing goals, products, and priorities, we help leaders inspire, motivate, and communicate effectively with their teams.

Services include:

  • Mission, vision, and values development
  • Leader communications planning and messaging
  • Change management strategy and tactics
Do your team members understand who you are and share your vision? 

Meeting your biggest priorities takes engaged team members who are clear about what their organization is about, what their roles are in it, and how they can contribute to its success. From holding stakeholder and employee interviews and focus groups to delivering actionable tactical plans and tools, we boost understanding, collaboration, and connection for better cross-team communication.

Services include:

  • Internal communication assessment and planning
  • Employer positioning for recruitment and retention
  • Cross-team alignment and communication strategy

Does your team know how to communicate the all-inclusive idea of the “why,” “what,” and “how” behind everything you do?

We identify the key elements that shape your company’s identity, create the tools and guides for your team to use, and develop the messaging that helps your team engage customers and partners.

Services include:

  • Brand communications audits and assessments
  • Brand usage guideline development
  • High-level and product-focused messaging guides

Are you developing your leadership and employee teams to communicate on your behalf and with each other?

We educate, motivate, and inspire your teams with customized online and in-person workshops and keynotes designed for engagement and real-world action. 

Topics include:

  • Functional Leadership: A training series for developing effective leaders of inspired teams.
  • Generational Motivation: Helping leaders and teams understand cross-generational expectations and needs for communications in remote and hybrid workplaces.
  • Innovating Within Structure: Helping teams communicate and innovate within complex organizational structures.

Reimagining nonprofit grant reporting with the Health Education Council

Not just another report. When the Health Education Council needed to demonstrate the success of their Robert Wood Johnson Foundation grant, we helped them create a new way to tell the story of their impact.

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While our consulting team specializes in internal communications, the 3fold Communications agency goes a step beyond. As workforce development outreach and communications experts, our team can help you tell your story, engage your audiences, and inspire your community.

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